*Clothing pictured here is sold out- I'm sorry!

WOAH. It has been a minute.

It took me about 5 hours this morning to reteach myself Blogger.com because it has literally been that long since I wrote a post. I apologize haha.

So, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. The sale all bloggers constantly talk about. Honestly, I'm not the biggest fan of the sale. Sorry Nord, I love you. But who wants to buy parkas mid summer? Not me. I mean I just CANT get myself to do it... no matter how good the sale is. And why would I force this upon my readers if I can't even get myself to enjoy it. Ya know?

BUT. I got a couple DMS last week when I posted this same thing on my IG stories. The DMS mentioned that; they totally agree but that there are some good beauty, home, athletic and accessory items. And they were right- I found some things.

As I promised you all, I'm here to share my top picks from the sale. Although i'm not going to say the clothing items one sale were amaze- I did put some items that weren't superrrr wintery and if they are wintery, they are just good layering items... even for the summer when traveling on planes, grocery shopping, etc.

Lets get to it ladies. I browsed the whole sale and am sharing everything here that I liked enough to add to my favorites (as if I had an unlimited budget or something LOL... )


I think they had some cute things for the home on the sale. I mean homes accessories are not as seasonal as clothing, so I thought it was probably the best thing about the sale... maybe?

But I got to say. The best thing in the whole ENTIRE sale is the Barefoot Dreams Throws that I linked above. Also - Here, here, and here. If you do not have a Barefoot Dreams blanket YOU NEED IT RIGHT NOW. It's sooooo freaking soft. (I also linked a cardigan version of the blanket under the 'Clothing' section below. )

Its worth checking out everything I linked under Home Accessories using the arrow. But I think some of my other favorites was the cute stool, the rugs (I realllyyy want this jute one), and this fur pillow that so many people have and love.


Like I said above- everyone needs to own a Barefoot dreams item. I realllyyyyy want this Barefoot Dreams Cardigan. I heard they are as good as the blanket but you get to wear it in public. Acceptably. I know I would wear it on every plane ride, errand run, road trip....

I'm also thinking about this Self Portrait dress for a upcoming wedding.

Oh, and Eberjey pajamas. You can just NEVER get enough.


These are actually 3 beauty items I use everyday and love. I swear by Evian face spray as a toner. It does the job PERFECTLY and really gives that glow effect. I've been using it for years.

Glycolic acid is a MUST in your skincare routine. Everyday mild exfoliation through acids is the key to a gorg complexion! Every since I started using Glycolic on the daily, my breakouts minimized and my skin became more even. Theres a lot of ways to introduce Glycolic to your skincare routine, but I have used this stuff and approve!!!


I Have been eyeing these Alexander Wang sandals for a while now. They are the perfect heel height if you are always on your feet like me. So you can be a professional on the go ;)

Also, although very expensive, a diamond necklace like this has been on my wish list for a long time now. And its very rare something like this goes on sale... so I thought I would share!

Okay. I'm tired now and must prepare to watch the Bachelor. I'm excited. Whose watching with me?! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!