As I am about to enter my 3rd Trimester in a few short weeks...(WHAAAAT) I thought what better time to share with you the joyous, and not so joyous moments of my 2nd Trimester. Truthfully, I can't even count on one hand what the 'not so joyous' moment were, and here is why...

My 2nd trimester has been AMAZING. "Why is that crazy lady," You ask? Other than it being mostly because I am comparing it to the misery of the first trimeter, I have been able to experience and ENJOY the little baby miracle that is growing in my body; from feeling her kick for the first time, to seeing her beautiful face on the 20 week Anatomy Scan... this trimester has really showed me the strength it takes to be a woman and the amazing things our bodies are capable of. 

In the second Trimester, my symptoms have been pretty consistent. Opposed to the 1st trimester where each day was a new symptom of disaster, I'd say my 2nd hasn't caught me off-guard with any crazy surprises ! Of course there's days where I feel more amazing than others, but that also goes for all you normal/non-preggo people, right?!

Baby Kicks- The first time I felt my baby girl kick was Christmas Eve morning while I was laying in bed (the first day of my 20 week mark). Right away, I rolled over to Gordon and placed his hand on my stomach. He got to feel it too and it was such a special moment we will never forget. Every day since then, her kicks have gotten even stronger - I mean I can literally feel her rolling around. It doesn't hurt- it just feels like a moving organ NBD
- High Energy- There's days where I feel like I want to fly. I think overall, my energy has been better in the 2nd trimester than before I was pregnant ( I did not expect this one)
Weak Bladder- I have to go to the bathroom 3 times in the middle of the night on average 
Consistent Stool- Embarrassing... but as soon as I open my eyes in the morning, I have to go to the bathroom RIGHT AWAY. They say constipation is a symptom of pregnancy, but I have not experienced that at all
Hunger and Thirst - I wake up HANGRY. Men...never deny your pregnant lady her food haha. Also I have really been enjoying my water, which was not the case before. Munching on ice-chips is now the norm. Sorry teeth
Backaches - I cannot lay flat on my back anymore and I wake up sore every morning

Physical Changes: 
Guys... is it weird that I am enjoying the changes my body is growing through?! My growing belly, to me, is just a indicator of a strong growing little baby angel. Of course I would be lying if I said I haven't gone through a moment of body dysmorphia- which if I am being completed honest here-I have never experienced before. But that was mostly in the first trimester when I just looked "bloated" rather than pregnant. 

Growing Belly - This is an obvious can see me really 'pop' between my 21 and 22 week polaroid 
Breasts - My breasts have gone up two cup sizes..... not complaining hahah
VEINS - My veins are larger than usual  and I have spider veins around my breasts. They look so crazy after a hot shower 
Blood Flow- I know this goes hand in hand with the veins, but the high blood flow makes you feel a little "puffy." I wont complain about the blood flow making my lips even more voluminous than they were before though... 
STRONG Nails  - I keep my nails long... so before I was pregnant, they would break frequently. It hasn't happened ONCE since I found out I was pregnant 
Unruly Hair - I think my hair is growing in thicker and frizzier than it was before. I don't know why people say their hair is better during pregnancy... not the case over here! UGH! 
Calmed Breakouts- THANK GOD. Of course I'm still super hormonal so I have some small bumps I never had before but it's not those unusual hormonal cystic breakouts I had the first trimester
Weight Gain - As I type this at 24 weeks, I have gained 10 lbs this pregnancy. Everyones weight gain journey is different with all their pregnancies..and that is totally normal!

I have always LOVED fruit, but these days I have been reaaaallly enjoying my fruit; give me some cold juicy citrus (specifically a CaraCara orange), and you're my very best friend. I'd say that's my biggest craving. Not a bad thing to crave, right?! Oh and chocolate! But hello, if you know me, this is no surprise. 

Weirdly, I have been eating more meat than usual, but this is because I want to give my baby a wholesome diet and I am not eating fish anymore (reason below). Giving my baby all the nutrition she needs far outweighs my personal views on meat...those views are now irrelevant now that I am growing a little human. 

I'm still waiting for the moment where I wake up at 2am and have to leave the house to fulfill an insane craving, but for now, they've been pretty mild. I mean I love food these days, but what else is new haha. 

Fruit - (Specifically citrus) 
Italian Food - (Chicken Parm has been a really big craving) 
-  CARBS - I have to have bread or pasta in every meal. SO GOOD. 
Chips and Salsa 
- Pad Thai 
CHOCOLATE - all kinds....give it to me!!!
-French Fries - Okay now i'm just sitting here listing my favorite foods haha

Aversions are especially weird for me, because I am the least picky eater EVER and will normally eat anything.

My Aversions have pretty much remained the same as my first trimester; SALMON MAKES ME WANT TO BARF. And so does the smell of Broccoli. 

They have mellowed out since my first trimester - at the beginning of my pregnancy, all healthy foods made my stomach do a 360 degree turn lol. Now its only the following: 

Grilled Salmon -  I put this in its own category because its my strongest aversion. I used to have Salmon maybe 1-2 times a week... I miss loving it but I currently can't stand it 
All Grilled Fish - Which is so weird because it was probably one of my favorite things before pregnant 
Broccoli and Brussel Sprouts - All I can say
Teriyaki Sauce - This is a weird, very specific one haha
Beyond Burgers (brand) - The smell made me throw up in my first trimester ... now I can never look at them the same 

I can't wait to share the rest of my journey with you all! Thank you for all the love and support these days, it means so much to me and my little babe!