I am SO happy you are here!

Most of you may know me as Evanne Kastrenakes, but I recently just married the love of my life. So, name change real quick.

My blog is a space where we can all feel connected to creativity and all things aesthetically pleasant. Here we can do this through fashion, decor, pretty places, ideas, and more. Life just got pretty interesting, and I figured what better time than now to share my currents with you all and take you along.

10 things about Evanne Lucas:

1. I'm %100 greek. Its a huge part of who I am and influences everything I do; from the way I dress, eat, dance, my personality and my faith, my love for BIG family (shoutout to my 3 brothers)... the list can go on for quite a while. 
2. On April 29, 2017 I married my college sweetheart , Gordon Lucas. Life since then got SO much better.
3. We recently moved back to Tampa, Florida, because this is where I am from and where 100+ of my family members still are! We bought a town home in the Hyde Park neighborhood last November and love it SO much!
4. My favorite pastime is decorating and rearranging things in my apartment - I believe in the power of a beautiful space and how it can help you live a happier/more organized life.
5. Fashion drives me; it helps me to express my creativity and who I am in a way that words cant.
6. My mother, a NYC native, inspired my love for fashion from a very young age.
7. My sophomore year of college Gordon and I got a Silver Lab named Asher and he has brought so much mischief, laughter, and slobbery kisses into our lives.
8. I am very attracted to positivity and kindness; this is especially true by the people I chose to surround myself by.
9. I graduated with a degree in Mass Communications and Media Arts. Recently, I also got my real estate license because it is also a very strong interest of mine. I want to learn and grow as a business women and I believe knowing the business of real estate will help me get there.
10. My full name is actually Evangelia after my grandmother, but my mom gave me the nickname Evanne (pronounced "Yvonne") because she thought it would make my life easier. Which it does:)

I can't wait to stay connected and get to know you all more! 

All my love,