LOOK 1 : Balos Beach, Crete 

 LOOK 2 : Chania, Crete 

 LOOK 3: Chania, Crete 

 LOOK 4: Kalymnos 

 LOOK 5: Kalymnos

 LOOK 6: Acropolis, Athens

LOOK 7: Crete 

LOOK 8: Athens

LOOK 9: Kalymnos 

Ah, Greece. 
My Favorite place in the world to travel to. I may or may not be biased, because I am greek, but its beauty is like nothing else. 

I decided to do all my Greece looks in one post because, unlike our honeymoon in Italy, this is less of a travel guide and more of a personal post where I will share all my looks and some family photos :) We spent the trip visiting both sets of my grandparents on the Islands we are from - Crete and Kalymnos. 

Although we did dine at amazing restaurants and discovered beautiful beaches, we spent the majority of our time with family - cooking at the house, visiting cousins, etc. We revisited childhood memories from when we were little; picking olives from my popous (grandfathers) olive trees and stuffing our faces with lamb at my Thea (aunt) Evangelia's restaurant in the village my grandfather grew up in. 

Greece's scenic views don't go unnoticed, and neither does its amazing food and the warmth of the people. We ended the trip in Athens where we were reminded of the 'ancestors' we should be proud of and all of the reasons we should continue to be proud to call ourselves Greek- Americans.