Two days ago (sorry, late on my update!) May 21, 2017 , was a magical day! 

Every hotel/ destination just continues to get more beautiful than the next! I mean it. 

We woke up super early so that we had time to explore the town of Ravello before the hotel took us to their beach club! We witnessed a local band playing right outside the towns Duomo (Cathedral) and it was a moment we will never forget. We felt like we were in a movie. 

Palazzo Avino  is high on a cliff (better for those views) but conveniently, they have a beach club on the water down below and provide a back and forth shuttle service to take their guests! Just make sure that you book your shuttle time with the concierge beforehand and not day of.

Although the weather on Sunday was the worst of this trip, the day was still one of the best we have ever had! We felt the sprinkles from the clouds to be refreshing, and still continued to enjoy the ocean, our pizza, and our rosé! When in...Italy, right?!

We ended our day walking around the town of Ravello a little more and had one of  the tastiest dinner... AND it was the most casual we have had yet here in Italy! Sometimes those hole in the wall places beat the Michelin star restaurants (all have been good to us but we seem to still leave them hungry lol) The "hole in the wall" restaurant was called Cumpa Cosimo and its all owned and ran by the cutest lady.... everyone there calls her "Mama". She cooks the food and runs a successful restaurant with a smile on her face and a flower in her hair! You can't go wrong with any pasta on that menu. 

I might turn into a bolognese btw. I've had it everyday :) My favorite. 

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