I cant even tell you how excited we are to be on the Amalfi Coast now.
Yesterday (May 20, 2017) we took a bullet train from Florence to Salerno and I couldn't say enough good things about the train here! SO fast, so efficient, so clean...

As soon as we arrived in Salerno, we took an hour long cab alongside the cliffs of the coast to our final destination - Ravello. Although i'm used to those dangerous cliff rides because my family is from Greece, Gordon was freaking out and I would be lying if I said there weren't moments that I was too. We are just glad we made it to our hotel in one piece. lol. But jeez it's the most beautiful drive in the world - you get to drive through all the little towns on the Amalfi on the way and it's incredible. 

Our hotel here in Ravello is one of a kind. Truly STUNNING. I cannot adequately put into words how amazing it is. 

And Ravello, ugh it's magically romantic. We were reminded yesterday that we couldn't of picked a more romantic honeymoon destination. It's so perfect for us: foodies who love wine, love romance, love the sun and the ocean, love our peace and quiet and are city souls too. Italy has it all. 

Yesterday we had an incredible time exploring the Palazzo Avino (our resort) and had the most romantic dinner on the cliff overlooking the ocean. And to top it all off....FIREWORKS and live music. Gushing love ;)

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