I know! I keep saying this trip can't get any better but it is just continuing to surprise us! Every new hotel and location - even when we thought it was never possible - is just getting better than the last. We feel so lucky to be on this trip. We are continually thankful everyday here.

Yesterday (May 22, 2017) WAS the best day of the trip so far.

We started the day having our farewell breakfast at the Palazzo Avino. Gordon ordered way too much room service but it was so worth it because it was obviously delicious and you couldn't beat that setup in our room with that VIEW.

It was definitely one of our most anticipated days this trip. We could barely wait till yesterday! Our driver picked us up in Ravello around 9 am and took us to the port in Praiano (Marina di Praia) where we met our Captain and got on our boat.

We enjoyed the most beautiful views in the world yesterday while spending 8 hours on an amazing boat with the kindest captain. We passed through and saw the sea view of Positano (where we will actually be staying in 3 days), ate a delicious lunch (at Ristorante Conca Del Sogno) on the side of a cliff in Capri, took a couple chilly dips or two, drank a lot of prosecco, and saw the beautiful famous grotto's (caves in the water) of Capri. Our favorite: the green, white, and emerald grottos! Blue Grotto is the most famous, although we didn't make our way there because you can only go by paddle boat, and we were told the others are just as good!

We docked in beautiful capri around 5:30pm and a little shuttle from the J.K place took us up to our hotel on the top of the hill! Guys, our hotel in Capri - J.K Place - is STUNNNINNNNGGGG. I seriously thought our hotels couldn't get any better but this place is INCREDIBLE. It's only around 7 years old or so, so it is very new and fresh compared to the other hotels we have stayed at. Although we love that character, its refreshing to change it up. Everything about this place is incredible and I can't wait to enjoy it more!

I can't say enough amazing things about yesterday. I think the pictures below can do allll the speaking!

SO much love. Can't wait to explore Capri more today and all its beauty (and its crazy shopping of course).

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