First- Thank you guys so much for following along our Home Renovation.  It has been quite the process, and it makes me so happy that we are finalllllyyy finished with the big part of the project! Renovations (especially living in one...with a toddler) will definitely test you and your patience at times. But I can now attest to it being worth it in the end! Bathrooms will be at some point next year because I need a break lol. Now it's time to share with you guys all the details of what we have finished - you have been patiently waiting long enough :)
So let's start with the window treatments! Because wow... what a difference these made to the home. 
I knew as soon as I saw this house, that I wanted some magnificent drapes to really elevate the windows. New windows are on our radar, which is why we decided to only do drapes instead of shades... for now. Because if we do decide to change the windows, these drapes will fit them, where shades on the other hand, could get tricky as new windows might be different in depth etc. 
After SO much research and several quotes, we decided to go with Smith & Noble custom drapes and I am so so glad that we did. They have so many beautiful options on their website, the prices are so wonderful for the top-quality you receive, and they match you with a designer to take you through the whole process! They teamed me up with the most wonderful designer, Jessica, who was able to virtually measure our treatments for us, design how they will lay, what the stack size will be, how many rings we will need per panel etc. There is so much that she did to ensure we got the 5-star hotel quality drapes I was dreaming of. I would not have been able to do it on my own!
We decided to go with pleated drapes in a Modern Pleat design with the fabric Somerton/Natural for all of the rooms. They all have a privacy lining (since we use our drapes for functioning purposes and not just aesthetics), but for Marias drapes we decided to go with a blackout lining since she takes day naps.  All rooms, besides Marias, also have Smith & Noble rod and rings. We chose the thin Wrought Iron hardware with finials! We hung all of our drapes 3 inches from the ceiling. I'm in love with it because it really helped lift our windows and ceilings and give it this grandness and height. I also wanted all my drapes to perfectly touch the floor and have a wide, dramatic pleated stack. I achieved my whole vision and then some after working with Smith & Noble! I am so beyond thrilled. 
Here are some before and after pictures!
before: master bedroom
after: master bedroom
before: marias room

after: marias room
before: TV room

after: tv room
before: dining roomafter: dining room
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