Keeping my hair healthy, full & long has always been SO important to me. Sounds dumb lol, but it's true. I'm at such a happy place with my hair and have for several years now. I'd say in 2015 I discovered that good hair care makes SUCH a difference. By the end of college, my hair doubled in thickness & length.. and it was all because I actually started to become mindful of its health and invested in good routines & products! 

Actually, I was SO scared of postpartum hair loss because I hear so many horror stories from friends and fellow blogger mama friends. But i'm 13 months postpartum now, and I have experienced 0 hair loss. I want to think, that although i'm sure it differs person to person, it has to do with the products and care I use. 

So, I'll share exactly what I do to keep my hair healthy :) Please always keep in mind that these are things that have personally worked for me, & that we're all so different... so I can't always promise It will do the same for you though I hope it does!

1. Good Products
Excuse me... great products lol. I understand a lot of these are on the pricier side for haircare. But I want to share everything I use bc they are AMAZING. 
- Shampoo/ Conditioner - I switch between both the Oribe Hydrating Shampoo/Conditioner and the Oribe Repair Shampoo/Conditioner. I feel you can overdo it on "repair" products and overload your hair w protein, which results in breakage, so I like to break it up with the hydrating duo every other wash. I swear by both these shampoos/conditioners for SO many reasons. If you invest in one hair care product... have it be your shampoo and conditioner. I promise. For immediate AND long term satisfaction :)
- Wet Hair Products- ALWAYS put a heat protectant in your hair while its damp before you blow it out. I LOVE this Oribe one for pre-blowout. I also cocktail a couple drops of the Oribe Repair Drops w/ the Split End Seal on my ends. Lastly, I spray this leave- in conditioner for added moister. 
- Dry Hair Products - So I use heat protectant on my dry hair too... thats how careful I am w my haircare. I found this Gisou Heat Protectant that you can use on dry hair so that I can protect my hair before I curl it. I also LOVE this Styling Creme because it helps my curl last way longer, which in turn, means I curl my hair less throughout the week. I put it throughout my hair before I curl. And lastly, I use a very little amount of this Treatment Oil on my ends on day 2,3,4 etc after washing to keep my ends from getting dry when dirty. 
- Misc- This Dry Shampoo is to die for. It works like a charm... Also, I do this Amika mask every time I wash my hair for 5 min in the shower. Highly recommend! And I try to do the good old Olaplex Treatment once a week as well! I leave it in my hair for a couple hours in a top knot while i'm doing house chores! Got to keep those locks strong, ya know. Okay am I overdoing it?! nahh.

2. Good Practices of Hair Care
Okay so this is where the real difference lies. Being tender with your hair, having good routine...NOT overdoing it. 
- I only get my hair colored twice a year - I know if you are blonde you don't want to hear this. Maybe think about embracing your roots (literally lol)... and going for a more balayage look so a little grow out actually looks good! If that's not an option for you, go to a good colorist that does not over-process your hair + someone who takes their time to get the results you both want. Also, ask if they use Olaplex when they are bleaching your hair & maybe even ask if they can skip putting you under the dryer when your hair has foils in it. 
- Silk Goods - I swear when I started using this pillow I noticed a significant decrease in hair damage. Also, I have been told sleeping with your hair up is bad for your hair. But not if you use these silk hair scrunchies. So if you're like me and have to sleep w your hair tied back, use them!
- I wash my hair 1-2 x a week ONLY. I realize this is so hard for some people. but I SWEAR by this for healthy hair. My hair went above and beyond to thank me when I started doing this. I naturally don't have greasy hair but I heard you can train your hair to not get greasy quickly. Definitely research that. I use this dry shampoo when my hair starts to get dirty. And wear my hair in a little bun by day 4/5 when it starts to get gross. easy!
- I try to not curl my hair more than 2x a week - I'm very strict on myself with this rule lol. Like I mentioned previously, the styling cream helps me stay faithful to this rule!
- A good brush - this seems not THT important but I promise I saw a huge difference with this too. I will forever & always use the Mason Pearson Brush. I like to buy the small one bc its cheaper and does the trick. I swear it doesn't cause hair breakage like others and its so gentle on your hair. It gets knots out with ZERO pulling. like at all. 

3. Good Vitamins
Yes, I'm still taking my prenatals! and nope... were not "trying" again for baby #2 just yet! lol. Actually, I haven't stopped taking my prenatals since I started taking them when I first got pregnant with Maria! They have done so many wonderous things for the thickness of my hair, energy, mood... so I'm actually never going to stop taking them. Can't hurt, right?! I'm sure this helped me avoid PP hair loss for sure! 
This brand never made me nauseous like others did and its super clean! I take the vitamin as well as the separate pill for DHA (fish oil) !

You can find everything linked in one place HERE! I hope all these tips help you as much as they have helped me!