In honor of it being BABIES BIRTH MONTH (MAY), I wanted to give you all a 3rd trimester update! HOW IN THE WORLD IS IT ALREADY MAY. I thought this month would never come, and here I am... so so so close to meeting my baby girl. 

Oh 3rd trimester, what a bad rep you have. Truth is- it has been extremely similar to the second trimester (find second trimester update here) besides the past week or two. The very end of this trimester has been difficult on me physically. If you knew my body before, I am a very small framed person, so carrying 26 extra pounds has really taken a toll on me. 

But like I said, it wasn't until these past couple weeks that I really FELT that. I haven't worked out once this trimester, I gave up my new hobby of tennis, and I just have been taking it pretty easy. And i'm totally OKAY with that! Listen to your body and your baby. 

Between week 33 and week 34, I went from "awe she's big", to "WOAH SHES BIG." Well, that's how I felt at least haha. But after that big HUMP (literally...),  I think my stomach has pretty much stayed the same to now (37 weeks). 

We are ready for our little girl. At this point, I did everything I can to ensure I am ready for her arrival. The house is cleaned and ready for guests after her birth, car seat installed, the nursery is completely done, newborn classes /hospital tours/ Taking Cara Babies sleep training  class are all completed, all the baby goods are bought and prepared, her clothes, linens etc are washed, and the hospital bag is packed. Now I can just ENJOY this waiting game and look forward to the moment where I wake Gordon up and say "ITS TIME". I'm usually a procrastinator so I'm very proud of myself haha. 

Symptoms & Changes: 
- Nesting- I have recently started "nesting." Which is probably a good thing because I have gotten so much done. It's basically this spurt of energy late at night where you feel like you need to get everything done. I'm usually a morning person and a zombie at night, so this energy at night has made me pretty efficient I have to admit!
- Sleeping Troubles- IT. HURTS. SO. BAD. 
- Bladder- Last night I got up to go SEVEN times. Yep.
- Lightning pains- TMI but I get a lightening pain in my crotch very often which feels just how the name sounds. I also get it down my legs. The doctor said it's because her head is very low and hitting a nerve. Its a good thing! It means her head is low and she is in position ready to go LOL. 
- Heavy discharge- Again, TMI, but I change 3 times a day. 
- Swollen feet and hands- This just started about a week ago. Like...I can't fit into a lot of shoes right now! But hey my wedding ring still fits!
- Clearer skin- THANK GOD. This has been a nice change from the first trimester's pimple city haha. 

My weekly checkups started last week, and it's been so fun getting measured to see how my body is progressing. As of yesterday's appointment ( 37 weeks), the doctor said the baby had dropped, i'm 1cm dilated, cervix is very soft, and i'm 50% effaced. I realize this doesn't mean much, and she could either come tomorrow or in 2.5 weeks, but it's still so fun to hear! Ask your doctor to start measuring you at 36 weeks if she doesn't offer! 

Oh baby girl, you have no idea how excited we are to meet you. Come as soon as you're ready, but just know, mommy and daddy are MORE than ready for you. 

(All photos were shot in our home by Bianca Merrell Photography)