Weather in the south; you are literally the most unpredictable thing on this earth.

I wake up every morning and ask Alexa (Amazon's Siri... i'm OBSESSED) what the weather will be because I literally don't know what to expect when I roll out of bed. Will I need to go throw on a turtleneck and a parka to take my pup asher out... or is it a jorts day ? What about this floral dress I wore the other day when only three days prior I was wearing more layers than an onion?

When it was in the 70s (so unpredictably) the other day, I was excited about wearing a dress and even florals, but kept it dark like I usually do in the winter to not throw off my seasonstoo much. I love dark neutrals and burgundy in lieu of pinks etc. I have been gaga over burgundy this season because I find it so easy to mix and match, and it really gives your outfit that color-pop while still giving off that dark, gloomy fall and winter-vibe thing. You know?!

Good news for you is this whole outfit is NOW on sale so you can get it and enjoy it for ALL seasons !:) Winners.

I linked everything to Shopbop because it is the last day of their buy more get more ... I love you Shopbop for encouraging me to believe its okay to shop more since I'll be saving more. Geniuses.

Okay, I have to shower and blow dry my hair before tonight. Which is like an 8 hour process to blow out this mane so wish me luck.